Monday, January 11, 2016

3 HONEST REASONS they are not enrolling in your Network Marketing Business

Struggling to enroll people into your network marketing business? I am going to give you 3 HONEST reasons people may not sign up with you according to My wife Aida, (who is a real leader alpha-female type), She gives it to me straight and now I'll help you see why people may not be signing up with you. Recently, we've been looking at opportunities to join a new network marketing business after years of being out of the loop and when we look at other peoples business opportunities, here are the top 3 honest reasons she usually doesn't join:
1. Brand Exposure. Most people don't even know you exist. Maybe you rarely post about your business or promote it so how can they make a decision to buy in? You sign up with some company and then your network marketer friends will say "Oh my gosh, you should have joined our business!" But they rarely ever post about their business or benefits so how would anyone know right? Aida always says, "if they are not working their own business, why do we want to sign up under them?"

2. Results.  My Aida always says, "Oh my gosh, it sure doesn't look like it's working for them. I don't want that one." Truth is, people want to see it "working for "you" first...even a little bit. (weight loss, money,.. even a little bit helps). Let's use a weight loss business for example. Even if you are not making a lot of money you should at least be using the product and working out and getting small weight loss results. A Remember, you don't always need to have massive results but even small results helps to convince others.

3. People sign up under "leaders." People love leaders. People who are doing it, Working it, and achieving it and helping others with a great attitude. They want someone who is encouraging, positive and helpful. Someone who is not emotional. When you are a leader, people will say, "Wow, I would love to sign up under them. They look like a real leader. I believe they can help me." You have to BE the type of person that others want to sign up under. Not an emotional, moody, back and forth type of person. Aida says, "No no not that one. I want to sign up under a real leader. I don't want to be a downline under them and then I'll have to be dragging them around."
Hope these 3 will give you a honest look at how everyday people see your business opportunity. I have more to share later. Hope this helps. Leave me a comment. Let me know if you need a coach to help you take your business to the next level. Have a super day champion! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

5 Tips To Growing Your Business Using Social Media

Are you working hard on Social Media and seeing little results? Time to change all that.
Here are 5 tips to help you grow your business Social Media fast.

But first, let's talk about what you shouldn't do: >Do not "under post." Posting only 1 or 2 times a month just won't cut it on Facebook or Social Media. You'll get lost in the storm of millions of other posts.

>Do not "over post." Posting 10 or 20 times a day won't help you either. You'll simply annoy people and they'll quickly delete and block you.

What SHOULD you do? These 5:

>DO post about 3 times a day about your business. But spread them out and don't beg or ask people to join your business. Instead, tell what the product or service is doing for you on a daily basics and how YOU are actually getting results.

>DO post a variety of post. I call them the 3P's (Some Personal, Some Professional, and Some Promotional). People want to know that you are human too. Connect with them personally as well as professionally.

>DO give content instead of always selling. Example: This blog is a perfect example. Sure I want your business as a Coach but I have to give you great content first. Try posting "How To" articles 2 or 3 times a day. Give value first.

>DO include a "back-link" to your site or blog after your content post. This back-link is simply a link that will direct them to where you want them to go. Usually directing them to even MORE free content works best. Then the sale. 

>DO collaborate with people in your inner circle. Ask your friends and key inner circle social media friends and partners to help share key posts (maybe once or twice a month) for the important stuff and you help them out in return.

Do these 5 and you will see your business grow in 2016. Need help?Hope this helps. If you would like to know more about how to grow your home business on social media or would like more information on my online video courses, email me at: and I'll hook you up.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Triple Your Income Quickly with Coach CJ

How to Triple Your Income Quickly

I want to show you how to triple your income quickly but first I need you to be open minded. I need you to think of ways that it “WILL” work and not 20 ways it won’t. Tripling you income will be a game changer for you. Imagine all the great things you can do with that money like take 2 vacations a year, or send your child through college or maybe you have some bills and debts that need to be taken care of quickly. Yes you can do this! All you need are the 3 steps below to triple your income. 

1. Start a Small Business from home 
Let’s say there is little 80 year old granny sitting at home collecting her social security. She’s miserable because she has to struggle to make ends meet each month. But along came a coach like me and told granny that the blankets that she knits for her grandchildren would easily sell for 100.00 each online. We set her up with a simple blog and social media sites and now granny is selling 4 or 5 blankets a month online. Yay! But now granny has another problem. She is now spending all her time on social media posting, and commenting, and tweaking things. Granny needs to automate.

2. Automate that business 
Now we show granny how easy it is to setup a automated system using pay-per-click ads and a marketing funnel. She has a little free offer like a ebook for automated leads each day and even a free little video series to show off her blanket skills. After a couple of days, grannies system is automated online and she has to do nothing more than watch her leads and orders come in on autopilot. Most people never consider automating their online businesses which is why they experience burnout. However granny is not done. Granny is knitting like crazy and her hands are hurting her from the daily knitting grind. Granny needs a “system” to scale her business.  

3. Scale That Business 
Ask yourself this one question: How could this business multiply and grow, double or triple using a “system.” Example: If a person opened a coffee shop and they had a system that worked perfectly where the owner didn’t have to be there all the time. A system for hiring, a system for opening and closing, a system for returns and especially a system for making great coffee the exact same way every time. You could now take that exact system and blueprint to open 4 or 5 coffee shops or even 4 or 500 coffee shops! Why? Because your system would be duplicatable.

Where most businesses go wrong is, they think that no one can do it better than they can. They believe if they are not there then the business will fail. That’s only because there is no duplicatable system in place. Think about it. So now, let’s think about grannies business. She knits a few blankets a month for a living. The blanket retails for 100.00. She can only make 2 or 3 blankets a month by herself at best for a profit of 200 dollars. But let’s say she now brings in 10 college students and pays them 50 dollars per blanket that they produce on their own time. She gives them the exact blueprint for making the homemade blankets. Now she can make 10 or 20 blankets a month and earn a gross of 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a month and $500.00 to 1,000 profit each month. With a new system in place granny can not only make more money but make money with less effort... all on autopilot if she does it right.

So the 3 questions are:
-What business could you start to make a little extra cash each month?
-How could you automate that business so you don’t spend all your time on a business?
-How can you scale that business by using a duplicatable system to make some “mini-me’s”?
Coach CJ 

Monday, November 30, 2015

How to go from Surviving to Thriving in Business-Coach CJ

How to go from Surviving to Thriving in Business

I am a master of surviving. I can survive any type of poverty, or bill collectors, or heartbreak or struggle, or financial difficulty.
I would hold on to these struggles like a badge of honor. In my family “The Struggle” was something to be proud of. You were taught to survive by stretching out payments, or stretching out a food budget of $10 dollars to feed a family of 5 for 2 days. You were taught to do whatever you had to do to survive. I know about pawn shop survival, payday loan struggles, welfare struggles, bargain and deal struggles, struggling to pay bills and debts, struggling to get your rent paid each month or struggling to dodge the police because you didn’t have insurance this month for your car. Yes I was a master of “The Struggle” until I had a revelation one day. On that day, I was no longer proud of the struggle. I didn’t want to be proud to be a survivalist, I wanted to master thriving!

I wanted to know what it was like to not have to struggle and be proud of it but to finally “breakthrough” and thrive where you had struggles, but on a different level. Struggle to keep your wealth, or struggle with haters because you appeared to have too much. I wanted the struggle of which vacation spot we were going to go to or struggle with the kids who now fight over which movie theatre to go to. I wanted next level struggles of wealth and prosperity and more than enough.

So how to do you finally breakthrough from survival to the level of “thriving?” How do you finally get out of the vicious cycle of barely making it to the level you are supposed to be on? I have boiled it down to three simple steps:

1. Mindset Transformation 

No matter how much you desire something you cannot change your physical world (money, success, debt free better health etc) until you change your mental world. I have seen this happen hundreds of times. A person truly desires success and prosperity but their mindset is still stuck on the safety mode. You can want to shoot a gun for example but if your gun is stuck on safety it will never fire. If you desire to go 150 miles per hour in a Ferrari but your key is still in your pocket you will never even get started. My suggestion is to daily feed your mind new information and personal development. Listen to audios, mp3s, videos and other success training products and programs and feed your mind until it changes. Once this happens, breakthroughs in the physical world will happen.

Last example. Right now you have probably heard dozens of motivational teachers talk about mindset, but, did you take the action? Are you going to stop reading this blogpost right now and start listening to personal development mp3s right now? Or will you make more excuses and find reasons that you can’t do it. This is your ticket to the lifestyle you desire. If you can’t do this first step, success will not manifest itself to you. So let’s do this. Get to our site and find something that you can read or listen to now. 

2. Mass Marketing for a big booming breakthrough!

Ever watch the tv shows and see the same commercials over and over again. I have seen insurance companies advertise 4 and 5 times or more during just one episode. That’s what you must do in your business to see major breakthroughs in your finances. You cannot just market your product on Facebook 2 or 3 times a month and expect results. This is a busy world and only the product or services that stay in the mind of the consumer will win out. So mass market everywhere on 10 or 12 social sites at once using It’s a powerful tool that will get your brand out to several sites at once with a click. 

3. You need a mentor

Who is your mentor right now? No I don’t mean some guy on your team or your upline. I mean a real “paid” coach that will hold you accountable. A mentor or coach where you can’t get out of the deal because you have invested in him or her. You see if you mentor is free, you can run anytime you want. If you have invested a little cash then you will be less likely to back out of the deal and go back to the safety-comfort zone of your past. You may not like your mentor or coach very much at first because they will hold your feet to the fire and keep you from telling lies to yourself but it will be one of the greatest transformations steps you will ever take to see your dreams come true. 

I have coached hundreds over my 18 years as a success coach. Now it’s your turn to thrive. Get a free 30 minute session on us. Limited time only.